• Greenbox She is Fierce-Brunette Pillow
  • Greenbox She is Fierce-Brunette Pillow

She is Fierce-Brunette Pillow

You will love the She is Fierce-Brunette Pillow from artist Maren Devine! Maren Devine paints the inner confidence that lives in all women! She's ready to put up her brown hair and make a bold statement piece for on your couch or bed! Cotton canvas pillows create a creatively cozy environment. Featuring unique decorative trim and down inserts, our pillows are the perfect décor accent.

Fun yet sophisticated, our 100% cotton canvas pillows include a luxurious down filled insert with a bottom zip closure. Playful trims were hand-picked for an extra special touch. Patterns on the reverse side are complementary in color and style giving you a decorative alternative. Dry clean only. Imported.

  • $75.00