• Capucine De Wulf Cleopatra Grande Link Gold Necklace

Cleopatra Grande Link Gold Necklace

A statement piece fit for the OG (Original Goddess) of unapologetic feminine power, our Cleopatra Grande Link necklace features an elegant braided motif and oversized links wrought in radiant hammered gold. Like a gilded chariot, this necklace is a reminder to harness your inner strength and go forth boldly - whether you are reigning over your own kingdom or conquering distant horizons. From crisp white t-shirt to cocktail attire, it looks brilliant with everything, and always will. Pair with matching Cleopatra Grande Link bracelet for a complete set.

18K Gold IP over Brass


Measures: 1.6 x 0.4 x 0.2 inches


As each piece is entirely made by hand with natural materials, they will all vary slightly and carry the soulful imperfections of the artisan who made it.


  • $235.00